Simple Cloud-Based Programme/Project Reporting to Help You Monitor and Control Your Business Change

Designed for organisations monitoring large scale change programmes, our platform reduces manual report consolidation, freeing your project managers to focus on delivery. With over 20 years of experience, we provide a user-friendly solution that offers real-time project updates for stakeholders and requires minimal customisation for swift implementation.

Simplify your Project Controls and Governance

Ready to experience unparalleled efficiency in managing your portfolios, programmes, and projects?

Discover how ProgrammExpress can streamline your processes and enhance your reporting capabilities.

Effortless Consolidation

Dramatically reduce the manual effort it takes to create consolidated reports.

Focused Management

Allow Project Managers to spend more time focusing on delivering their projects instead of spending time creating reports.

Stakeholder Engagement

Let Stakeholders have access to real-time project information easily and quickly.

Quick Deployment

Very simple to use, quick to implement, and doesn’t require extensive customisation and consultancy.

Showcasing the Key Features of ProgrammExpress

High Level RAG Status Overview of All Portfolios, Programmes and Projects

Enhance your project management with the High-Level RAG Status Overview from ProgrammExpress. Our feature uses the simple yet effective Red Amber Green (RAG) system to provide a succinct snapshot of all your portfolios, programmes, and projects.

The RAG Status Overview extends across all your initiatives, enabling you to quickly identify progress and potential challenges. Regardless of the number of projects under your watch, the system offers an immediate understanding of each one.

Experience the power of visual efficiency with the High-Level RAG Status Overview from ProgrammExpress – a bird’s-eye view transforming the way you manage your project portfolio.

Customisable Programme and Project RAG Status Reports at Your Fingertips

Dive into the next phase of project management with ProgrammExpress. We simplify the way you monitor your projects and programmes with our customisable Red Amber Green (RAG) status reports.

These reports, with their traffic light colour designations, offer a crystal-clear, instant picture of your project’s progress. No matter what you’re tracking – risks, progress, resources – our platform moulds to your needs.

These RAG reports not only simplify complex project information but also catalyse informed decision-making. Our system provides real-time access to consolidated data views in various formats, enabling efficient project status communication across your organisation. Experience the simplicity, clarity, and power of customisable RAG status reports with ProgrammExpress, transforming the way you manage projects and programmes.

One Page Summary Reports: Your Project's Complete Snapshot

Elevate your project management strategy with the ProgrammExpress One Page Summary Report. This single, landscape-oriented page provides an all-encompassing overview of your project status, delivering all essential details in a condensed, easy-to-understand format.

It’s a fusion of crucial project milestones, summarised financials, and a consolidated overview of your project’s progress, all crafted to offer you a comprehensive understanding of where your project stands.

Beyond the current status, the One Page Summary Report brings to light any potential issues or risks, enabling proactive problem management. It transcends the present by offering a glance into the past achievements and a forward look at the next period’s focus points. These insights form the foundation for informed decision-making, equipping you to effectively navigate your project management journey. With ProgrammExpress, have your project’s full story at your fingertips.

Gantt Chart Report: Simplified Overview of Your Project Schedule

Experience a new level of clarity in your project or programme management with the ProgrammExpress Gantt Chart Report. Our system translates complex schedules into straightforward, easy-to-digest visual formats. This allows you to grasp the entire lifecycle of your projects at a glance.

The Gantt Chart Report presents all of your project’s key milestones, activities, and timelines in a linear, intuitive layout. This visual representation of your project schedule enables efficient tracking of progress against deadlines, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

In addition to being an excellent tool for monitoring current status, our Gantt Chart Report aids in forward planning. It provides a clear picture of the project’s future trajectory, empowering you to proactively manage resources, risks, and time.

With the ProgrammExpress Gantt Chart Report, you can master the art of efficient project and programme scheduling. It’s just another way we’re simplifying your project management journey.

Dashboard Summary Report: Visual Insights into Your Project Status

Harness the power of visuals in your project management strategy with the ProgrammExpress Dashboard Summary Report. This feature transforms complex project data into intuitive, graphic presentations that allow for quick comprehension of your project’s status.

Our Dashboard Summary Report is more than a snapshot of the current situation. The data showcased on this screen is updated daily, typically after close of business, and stored in a data warehouse. This routine archiving provides you with a powerful tool for assessing historical data and identifying trends.

Whether you need a fast overview or an in-depth exploration into your project’s past performance, the Dashboard Summary Report is your go-to resource. It’s not just about understanding where your project stands today, but also gaining insights into how it has evolved and where it may be headed.

With ProgrammExpress’s Dashboard Summary Report, get a holistic view of your project in a user-friendly, visual format, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Synchronise your project reporting

ProgrammExpress meets the requirement for organisations that want to move away from manual consolidation of reports to Portfolio levels, but do not want to implement an Enterprise PPM Solution (EPPM) due to cost and complexity.


Quick to set up with your Corporate Branding, and configurable to align with your business structure and reporting requirements.


Users can access the solution from anywhere to provide real-time reporting, using simple data entry screens, including latest commentary, plans, resources, risk and issues, impacts and benefits.


Reporting allows real-time access to self-servable consolidated views of data in various formats to meet your business needs, which will improve communication of project status across the organisation.


Project timeline information is tracked in a Gantt Chart format.


Risks, Issues and any other configured register of data can be tracked, updated and monitored using Red Amber Green status.


Latest status commentary captured as well as an audit history.


Cost and benefit management can be tracked and be broken down by financial year.


Resources can be allocated and tracked against each project by individual or skill set at activity or project level.

Business Impact

Capturing the when and how your project activity will impact areas of the business.


Powerful consolidated information in a graphical view.


Project templates and documentation can be stored at project or portfolio levels.

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Wishing all our customer’s a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year. Looking forward to continuing in supporting you in your programme management reporting in 2024!

Season’s Greetings

Wishing all our customers and their families a very happy Christmas break and all good wishes for 2023.