ProgrammExpress is a cloud based programme/project reporting solution, which is aimed at organisations that have a requirement to monitor and control large scale change programmes.

We have nearly 20 years of experience helping businesses that require a simple PMO reporting solution that provides the following:

Simplified consolidation

Automates the consolidation of project status to Programme and Portfolio levels.

Data consistency

Provides common templates and therefore consistent information across all projects within the organisation.

Easy to use

Is intuitive, non-bureaucratic and quick to implement.

Secure Data

Securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Simplify consolidation of high level project data enabling real-time project information in a ‘user-friendly’ manner.

Synchronise your project reporting

ProgrammExpress meets the requirement for organisations that want to move away from manual consolidation of reports to Portfolio levels, but do not want to implement an Enterprise PPM Solution (EPPM) due to cost and complexity.


Quick to set up with your Corporate Branding, and configurable to align with your business structure and reporting requirements.


Users can access the solution from anywhere to provide real-time reporting, using simple data entry screens, including latest commentary, plans, resources, risk and issues, impacts and benefits.


Reporting allows real-time access to self-servable consolidated views of data in various formats to meet your business needs, which will improve communication of project status across the organisation.


Project timeline information is tracked in a Gantt Chart format.


Risks, Issues and any other configured register of data can be tracked, updated and monitored using Red Amber Green status.


Latest status commentary captured as well as an audit history.


Cost and benefit management can be tracked and be broken down by financial year.


Resources can be allocated and tracked against each project by individual or skill set at activity or project level.

Business Impact

Capturing the when and how your project activity will impact areas of the business.


Powerful consolidated information in a graphical view.


Project templates and documentation can be stored at project or portfolio levels.

Quantifiable business benefits

Quick to set up and configurable to meet your reporting requirements e.g. your branding, year-end dates and names.

Fully Auditable

Automatically maintain an audit trail of project status over the duration of your Change Programmes.

Always available

Cloud-based so easily accessible to users, quick to implement and instantly configurable.

Maximising compliance

Improves compliance with project methodologies and project governance, enhancing your current working practices.

Improving data consistency

Removing disparate methods of updates and moving to a standard approach, to achieve higher levels of data consistency in your reporting.

Real-time reporting

Access up to date information anytime, removing the time lag from provision of status updates to final report publication.

Time saving

Reduces Central Administration workload and Project Manager time in providing status updates.

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