ProgrammExpress first came to market in January 2002. As a result of many years of experiencing Programme and Project Tracking issues.

ProgrammExpress identified a need for a solution that was intuitive, supported a common standard of Project Reporting, enabled ownership at Project Management level for the provision of high-level Project status, and simplified the consolidation of information for Senior Management. And above all, it was a tool that was non-bureaucratic, and quick to implement, thus enabling the benefits of using the product to be realized immediately.

From initially being an on-premise solution, it quickly moved to be a cloud-based product, removing the complexity of the IT implementation, and enabling it to be ready for use by clients quickly and simply. The solution is housed within the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our success is based on reinvestment in the product, which is currently on Version 15, working closely with loyal customers to ensure its evolution is aligned to current business requirements and market demand.

Meeting all requirements

ProgrammExpress meets the requirement for organisations that want to move away from manual reporting and consolidation to Portfolio level, and yet do not want to implement and Enterprise PPM Solution (EPPM) that adds cost and complexity, due to the project maturity level in the organisation.

It is a Cloud-Based Solution that can be implemented and configured in a very short timescale, with simple to train functionality.

Applicable to all market sectors

ProgrammExpress is generic to all markets, proven by the client base, from Retail/Leisure/Hospitality (Pets at Home, Prezzo) to Logistics (Fedex), to Tobacco (Imperial Brands) to Commercial Property (JLL) to name but a few.